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I went to see a clairvoyant.

She said I would be approached by a man who will find me very attractive & want me.
He will be very persistent!

PLEASE ME RICH, GORGEOUS & MAKE ME HAAAAAAPPY…..sexually too please ;) hahaha

Nehhhh. All jokes aside, I try not to think of it incase I “jinx” it or change paths.

Time to update.
Haven’t had much time to come on, baby is due this week. I’m soooo excited!! Also extreeeeeemely uncomfortable! I can’t describe how annoying it is to wake up 10 times during the night to pee! I’m getting jaaaack sleep as it is.
Me and Matt have already set up our daughters room :D YAAAY! She has so many clothes, so cute and little. I can’t believe we all start out as tiny as that, lol.
I’m exhausted, I just went grocery shopping. My feet are flippin so swollen. I look like I’ve lived in nothing but Jandals my whole life. They’re so wide now aswell zzzzz
Anyways, ill update with photos and more stuff soon. I’m dying to have a bath, the only place I feel comfortable! :)
Happy tumbling guysssss :D

Niggas be wanting a girl who plays video games, watch sports, have tattoos & wears Jordans & snapbacks. Sounds like you want a boyfriend nigga.

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I miss texts like this. My current used to send me cute texts ALL the time. I miss the affection now :(

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